Little Empire Cheats for the Android

So far, I know of only 2 ways to cheat in the game Little Empire, one is the method that costs money, as it being a free game on the android market, they get you by making life easier if you buy items called Mojo's, which can be earned for free within the game, but it's a little hard to earn a bunch of them, the mojo's can either buy you armor for your hero, speed up production of soldiers, crystals and gold.

The other cheat, is if you have a large army that cost you a bunch of gold and crystals, and also time, as Knights take about 50 mins each to complete, to build a good army takes along time.
So what do you do if you don't want to lose your army to your enemy if your going to lose the battle? Instead of forfeiting the battle, before the battle is over, simply take out your battery, your device will shut off. Then put the battery back in and restart the device and the game, then your army is still there intact and you haven't lost a thing.
So why does this cheat work you say, because Little Empire requires you to have an internet connection to play, if you end the battle by taking the battery out, the data to say you lost the doesn't transmit and your army is just fine when the devise is turned back on. I have tried just powering off the device then restarting it, but that didn't work as the android devices does not switch off quickly.

I know this is a annoying cheat to do, but it'll save you a bunch of time making a new army to fight with.
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